Pet Sitting Lincoln

Pet Sitting LincolnSometimes having to leave your pets at home on their own is unavoidable.

With work commitments, the need for a holiday and any other surprise that life might throw at you it can be difficult to be there for your pets 100% of the time.

If leaving them behind and not knowing who to get to look after them  fills you with dread then don’t worry because we can help.

Whether it’s just for one day or a whole month, we can come to your house daily to make sure your companions are fed, cleaned, watered, loved and looked after.

Our pet sitting Lincoln services are especially popular with cat owners. Because we make daily visits you can eliminate the need for catteries which are not only expensive but can also cause a huge amount of unnecessary stress to your cat.



‘Live in’ Pet Sitting Lincoln Services

If the thought of leaving your pet for any amount of time sends shivers down your spine, then our ‘Live in’ pet sitting Lincoln service is just forLincoln Pet Sitting you.

We can come and live in your home while you’re away so you will be happy in the knowledge that your pet is getting round the clock love, care and attention. This service also offers the added benefit of security to your home while you’re away.


Pet Services LincolnAll Pets Covered

No matter what type of animal your pet is, we can look after it.*

From rodents to reptiles, from fish to felines, we can do it. We can also look after larger animals like horses, donkeys etc. To find out more, see our Large Animal Care section.

Also, if you have any special requirements or if you like your pet to be looked after in a certain way, let us know and we can help.

As part of our service we will also send you regular photo’s of your pet(s) to your mobile phone or your Facebook page so you can ‘Keep in Touch’ with them and when you arrive home you’ll find a diary of your pet(s) daily activities.

Get in Touch For Your FREE Consultation

To ensure that your pet(s) will get the best possible care while you’re away we offer a FREE home consultation.

This is so that you and your pet(s) can meet us and make sure that we are right for you, it also give us the chance to talk about and get to know your pets individual needs.  see how we can help you, just call 01522 740 025 or send us a message via our contact page.


*This excludes spiders – sorry, I am terrified of them!